I had someone message me on fb ti make a baby

I need some help from you lovely ladies with finding a kit that can resemble this baby. Needs to be from BB


He looks like Asher asleep, him and the real Asher look alike too!!! lol


@Kayla My thoughts!! I was going to suggest him. Looks exactly like him!!!

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Kase Asleep


It’s not the best picture, but I am thinking Gena.

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I showed her the picture of the Leah kit and she absolutely loves that one. The nose is a bit different than the real baby but its got similar eye puffiness. Plus i gave her a quote that it will be $225 for a complete baby. And im not gonna root his hair cuz he only had the peach fuzz and i havent had the patience to try micro rooting. So i figure i can use a prisma pencil to draw in his hair. At some point i would love to get Clyde for myself. Im soooo looking forward to the girl realborns.