I had no idea about Lottie

They copied Lottie!! I have never seen a copied LLE sculpt!!! So depressing. I heard this person was also selling fakes on rebornsdotcom but had her account taken down.
Be careful not to buy from this person elsewhere! :frowning:


All of them will eventually be copied because there are no copyright laws in China and they don’t honor ours.


I thought LLE had her work on lock down tho. So sad for her!

Editing to ask if anyone knows of other LLE sculpts that have been copied? Thx.

Quite a few. If you look you can find waaaaay more than you think. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of the old LLE and blick kits being copied


Is it this person? I watched her redue alliexpress dolls. She talks about BB dolls in the same sentence. Just wondering.

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Yep… same person!

I had no idea! i have never seen a copied LLE sculpt before this! Thx for the info.

Yes that is her. :frowning:

And this is why it’s important to get sculpts from reputable dealers and ALL kits should start coming with a COA even open edition…… also why kits are so expensive. Trying to keep people from buying and reproducing. Kinda like how Disney raises the prices to keep rifraf out and crowd control.

Sad though that people who don’t have access to a community like this don’t understand the reasoning and what is wrong with buying cheap if that’s all you can afford…. And the ugly factory painted ones are just crying out to be reborned just like in the beginning of the art… so we’ve pretty much come full circle.

Gotta educate the masses so they understand. Eventually those who start with stolen sculpts are going to want to sell at higher prices and buy legit sculpts not understanding they’ve already ruined any potential reputation :pleading_face:


To be honest, a lot of the factory ones aren’t even ugly anymore, and that is terrifying. They are also coming with nearly exact copies of coa

Those are not stolen pics, it’s the doll you receive, if you look at pics in reviews. They know what they are doing now. They can make more money like this than ‘scamming’ (sending no product or a weird malformed thing)

It doesn’t bode well at all for artists


Next thing you know they will be charging more for them and they will be seen as desirable collectables instead of cheap alternatives :tired_face: