I guess I'm switching to air dry?

So… I got so excited to bake Skya. I was so excited to jump back into reborning. But then…

Not sure how easy it is to see, but the thing burst and almost caught on fire :upside_down_face:
Maybe it’s a sign I should switch to air dry permanently, lol
Does anyone want all of my genesis paints? Since I cant use them now.


Did something drip on the burner?

Do you happen to have any genesis varnish? I’ll take that if so!

Not that I know of

I don’t :frowning:

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Oh darn. Thanks anyway!

This looks like something dripped and melted under the burner. Possibly what made it flare up?

Is that a Nuwave?

How much do you want for the paints?

I totally want them, PM me. I am running out of the important colors…I am going to have to make all warm blush orange babies pretty soon!

If anybody can make that look good, you are the one! I never did figure out how thin to dilute that stuff, but I sure learned how to strip dolls after I tried it! :rofl:

For everyone replying: I’m asking $35 plus shipping BUT I am in the UK now so shipping prices will be higher :frowning:

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