I got some pjs made

I did one thing right today, I made a set of pajamas. Altho Quinton did not appreciate being dressed in Pink! Poor guy maybe he will recover!

Nice job! Guess Quinton does’nt like wearing girl clothes very much!

Thank you and no poor guy so I took them off him as soon as I got the pictures taken.

cute - cute - and cuter! love the little duckie jammies

Very cute!

They are really super adorable! i love them but taite does NOT look happy that you put him in girls clothes@!!!

— Begin quote from “Karen in NE”

Very cute!

— End quote

Sophia is beautiful! God bless her!

pjs are awesome!!! boys are like thay

pj’s were easy will try to find pattern number when i get home. Debi i cut the same trim on the hemline in half and used for the other places I was afraid it would be way to much if left full. Bought it at Hobby Lobby awhile back on sale