I got nod in this morning

i recieved my nod this morning it is a very nice sculpt , but way smaller than i guess i thought i can only get measurements of 15 maybe 15 1/2 with the legs bent. maybe when it warms up a bit it will loosen up the vinyl and then i will measure it again . just thought i would let you know. it is cute tho but i dont think its what i expected. anyone else get theirs and mine i paid full price for. marlene.

not complaining just MOP

yeh i was wondering how to take it apart but heating with hair dryer i guess would work are you going to put a soft body or keep her with the original i havent decided yet. but they are cute. marlene

good ideal with hot water that would work better. i will try it that way thanks

I was never interested in this doll, but to advertise it as 17-18" and then have it be only 15" is not a good thing. I wouldn’t be too happy if it were me.


yeh i have measured and got hubby to measure and still come out with a bout 15 1/2 or so with the bent legs. i wish i had got the seconds it wouldnt have cost so much but he is cute my grandaughter has actually carrying it around so im not sure whether i will get to work on it or not lol marlene

I bought Nod and I also bought the cloth body. My question is if I used the cloth body and weight the head, ect. Then go back and use the vinyl body as plates, maybe just cut down one side, will it still have the same effect? Sorry for the run on sentence. I love the vinyl but I actually bought 4 of them. I wanted 2 for Christmas gifts. My Mom would enjoy the soft body but if I could paint the vinyl one realistic she might love that too. The other one was for my grand daughter she for sure is getting the cloth body.

I have Blinkin’ coming. I am using a cloth body and making a front and back plate out of the body.

why are people preferring the cloth body is it the poseability? just wondering.

I prefer the cuddle factor. It’s hard to snuggle a hard body. (well, let’s not go there ) You know what I mean.

i got it! =) i saw one on ebay that has the soft body and i LOVED the way she had it posed. really cute.

I got Nod when he first came out, i got a boy and girl and wow they were expensive then, i got seconds but they were like $50. But i didnt like them in the end. But i have heard they changed the vinyl, that was my biggest problem having the paint not stick well. they orginally advertised them as 17-18 then changed it to 16" after i bought mine. They are cute, but i would never do one again. Good luck ladies on you babies.