I got my professional photos!

I just wanted to share a few, they are so much better than the ones I take at home! Which probably isn’t saying much, but it was money well spent.



Ooooh I want to hear all about it!!! Was your photographer over the moon in love? Did you get to choose props and stuff? How long did it take? Can I ask how much she charged and what you got? Did you choose based on style or price? The picture style suits you. Reminds me of your painting style so you chose good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes…all of the above. :relaxed:


It was a super easy process, she was so nice and she had never seen a reborn so was really enamored! I brought a huge bag of outfits and stuff but ended up not using any of my stuff. I also forgot a toothbrush so an disappointed with the hair! I’ll never make that mistake again though. She had wraps and props, I had no idea exactly what style I would want, so we talked for a bit and she said she got a feel for my personality and I left everything 100% up to her. I figured for the first session it would be best to let her do her thing and then I could see what stuff I liked and what I wanted different for next time. I feel like I got a pretty good deal, she did a mini session, since she didn’t have to wait for crying and feeding, which was $150 and only included digital photos, which is all I wanted. But I got 20 digital photos and could have added on if I wanted prints or additional stuff. I pretty much just opted for the cheapest easiest first session and figured the next one I’d have a better idea of what I needed and wanted. But I really feel like she captured my personal style somehow without any direction or input from me!


They turned out great! Beautiful coloring on these babies :heart:


Love these! Her photography complimented your painting style so well. They’re beautiful- babies and photos both :two_hearts:


Beautiful photos! She had a talent for posing the dolls to give them “life”.


I love how they came out!


They look so bright. I can only imagine how good they really look knowing the forum mutes pictures.


Very nice! And how adorable!

Curious question: for Kai’s brows, how did you get that nice blondish paint color that matches his hair? What colors do you mix? I struggle with that color. It’s too white or too flesh looking when I do it.

I actually didn’t use paint, I used a base layer of a really light brown powder and then drew multiple super light layers of Prisma pencils in cream, sepia, a flesh color and a couple other really light browns until I felt I had a good match to the hair I was rooting. Then I paint strands of hair with ghsp thick medium to give the illusion that they are painted. That’s pretty much what I do every time, I just have to play around to try to match hair. I’ve tried painting brows and can never get the results I want!


I would not have guessed you used powder and Prisma. The color is so nice and the effect is really good. Thank you for sharing. I may have to purchase some Prisma pencils and give it a try. I’m not a fan of painting brows.


I admire you creativity how you use all available media.

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