I got my Jenny kits today

She is a big baby! I am disappointed to say that there are ink spots all over 4 pieces though and I have written the seller to get that resolved. Here is a photo of the kit to show you how she looks as a blank kit.

Makes you wonder what happened to quality control! I think it is a sweet little baby, but do you think there is a big market for downs babies?

I don’t know Pia but someone else said there was some issues with the ink on their kits too and their shipment got delayed for it.

I know the little Down’s baby made from the Paradise Gallaries Melissa McCrory doll always was a good seller when reborn. I guess we will see. I had planned to sell one and keep one but it all depends on if I get replacement kits and how well she reborns.

I was told that they are having some replacement parts made for us at the factory so we should get them eventually. I am just glad they can get more!

Thanks for the heads up. Got my Jenny last week and did not inspect her. Thank goodness there were no ink spots. As to the marketability of Jenny, I for one just bought her because I like her face! (I have absolutely no business sense LOL)

I got my new parts and I am now slowly working on painting one. It has been so busy here I haven’t been able to work on her much. I ended up trading my extra one to someone for an Asriel kit. I Love the new Jenny kit but she is a BIG baby so I opted to only do one.