I got my Clover kits!

On the BB $19.99 sale and OMG! I had no idea these were so cute and had such detailing! I am in LOVE with this little one! As an added bonus, the vinyl is not so horribly bland as the last BB kit I got either! I am a happy camper!!!


That’s wonderful! Look forward to seeing them painted! :heart:

Clover is a wonderful sculpt! Can’t wait to see your version. I’m sure they’ll be amazing!

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I wish they would put the other one on sale now!

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Did anybody see Clover seconds today? I KNOW I saw her and put her in my cart because I was on the SECONDS page!
but my order shows $29.99 w. COA! :astonished:

I’m working on Jasper now. Same limbs with the cute awake face! Just have rooting and assembly left. If I can catch them on sale I’ll definitely buy more.

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@anjsmiles Jasper is on sale!

Has anyone heard about the bodies for them I have kits no bodies?

Gosh dang I missed it! I been busy all weekend! I got a couple realborn kits on sale tonight though.

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