I got my BB Meg the other day

I got my Meg the other day and just opened the box a few minutes ago. She looks like Sera’s twin…

Well I agree with you 100%. I am going to go and find my Sera kit and have a look. I was even trying to look to see if the heads were marked to see if I did indeed receive the Meg kit. Argh these artists are all sculpting almost identical heads all the time. Somehow the head you receive in the kit looks really different than the finished one pictured.

I just compared the BB Sera Reborn to the BB Meg Reborn and they look almost identical to me. If there is any difference there isnt much When I opened my box I thought I got a Sera head too. I just traded my Sera kit a few wks ago and now it looks like I went and purchased another one.

The only difference there seems to be is the lips and nothing else what so ever. Also have a good look at the blank head shown in the pictures. It shows this head is quite rounded on top instead of like an oblong foot ball like all the others have. The head I have here is not rounded at all but exactly like Sera’s head. In fact quite flat on the top part close to the forehead. I ordered this one because I did see it shows a more rounded head. I am not overly fond of Sam or Sera with the long weird heads. Now this Meg has it as well. I don’t quite know what to think at this point.

I dont either…

I compared the kits and I guess I have to say there is some differnce, but not very much. They definitely can be done as twins with no problems. There is just a very slight difference under the eyes. The lines are just a tad longer on Meg. The lips on Sera is a bit fuller on the bottom than Meg’s. So I guess enough new features to sell it as a completely new scuplt. I will look more carefully next time for sure. Mine has a very dented in head on top. Will have to toss it in hot water to see if it comes back out. Sera’a head is a bit more like a long egg. Boy I sure am glad I never had any babies that had heads that look like some of them they are coming out with.

Glad I didn’t order her now.

She looked so cute in her pictures that I ordered two of them. They should be here today. But I am kind of dissapointed to hear they look just like Sera. She is not one of my favorite sculpts.

I would wait and see when you receive Meg. I think even though she looks a lot like Sera, she is way cuter. I think it is the head shape. Meg’s forehead isn’t as big if that makes sense at all. Meg’s head even though it is that same weird oval shape, has a bit more to the top of the head to make it look better than Sera’s. I definitely like Meg over Sera any day. Somehow when you see Meg all done up and how cute she is, and then receive the blank kit, it somehow doesn’t look like the same kit.