I got my Anna

Whoo hoo, posties are working sundays!! LOL i got my Anna by pat Moulton and cant wait to start her she is tiny and cute!!! Well i got her yesterday but i had a party and custom orders to finish off quickly! LOL

Then i will enter her into the comp for her, and finger crossed.
Anyone else got her?

Not yet. I’m hoping I can order her this week. I hope BB considers that there might be people who hardly ever buy their products or participate here but who might do this just to possibly have their work showcased. I can see certain people doing that.

Natalie, your babies are beautiful, so I think you will be selected. I hope you show us pics as you go along.

cant wait to see what you girls do =) love both of your work

I just placed my Anna order; can’t wait to see all the pics of this little one!

I ordered mine and am excited to bring her to life !!!
How small is she ? Also are the ears good Pat Moultons ears are not the greatest!!! But I heard that Denise redid them for this sculpt

yes how big is she? like i know shes 17 inches but how big is her head like the palm of your hand or bigger?

She’ll be wearing preemie sized clothing, right? I just can’t WAIT to see her!

I got mine today and I must say I really like her face. Her little head fits in the palm of my hand. Can’t wait to get her started.

Is she smaller than a preemie-size in clothing? micro-preemie?

Wow look at all this response.
Thanks kimomax for you lovely comment, your babies are beautiful too so we both will have to be selected!!

I think she will fit regular prem, but i think tiny prem might be a perfect fit. i have both so i will see when i get there.
I havent decided if im making her a AA baby yet or what im doing… she is drying atm. LOL i will see when i get in there… mmm!

I will post pics up when im done, hopefully by the end of the week, then im taking holidays!

On the front page at BB, it said we have till Dec. 31st and we can post the pics right here OR email them to BB.

Sure, Maggie! I can’t wait to see everyone’s Anna!

I got mine and I love her !!! went out and got her an out fit yesterday and am going to start her today !!!

She’ll be awesome, Cher…can’t wait to see her when you get her done!

It sure is adding some fun !!! I am glad BB is doing this !!! Thanks again BB !!! WE LOVE ya !!!