I got free human hair

One of my neighbors just called. She said she had just gotten her hair cut and wanted to know if I wanted it for my dolls. Of course I said yes. It’s fine and soft with a very slight curl. It’s multi colored and I may be able to separate it. It’s 5+ inches long and the bundle is almost an inch in diameter. I put it on my postal scale-it’s 1.2 ounces so I’m feeling very fortunate.


Yes! That is great! Always happy for a blessing. :slight_smile:

That is awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with the hair!

Wow, very nice for thinking of you!! Can’t wait to see Pictures when you use it.

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NICE!! How thoughtful of her too

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You going to try and dye it or use as is?

Would make great toddler hair :wink:

I’m going to use it as is.

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