I got creative today

I made reborn baby flip flops.

Well - aren’t you clever. They are very cute.


TY Judy

Those are so cute

Wow i love them! What a creative mind you have. A+

Clever dear!! They remind me a bit of the ones at the nail salon when I forget to wear flip flops on pedicure visits… Very cute… (but I thought you were rooting on your day off?)

Too cute!

Those are cute…another reason to raid my daughter’s craft drawers! It’s helpful to have an almost teen who is outgrowing some of her supplies. But I’m still in trouble for stealing her paint tray apparently since she brought that up this morning. But just think if you add a few beads to them like you did the adult ones or maybe a couple of feathers on tassles…too many other things to do right now!

soooo cute!!!

Nice work, Deb! Cute idea.

I would tell you how if anyone wishes to know how I did it.

Deb i would like to know thank u

ok I will write it down then post.

I posted in tutorial.