I found Summer Rain (sold out now)

realreborn’s storenvy not only has SR but has her half price. For the next couple of days.


That page looks different than it used to. I guess I haven’t been there for awhile. I wonder how she managed to still have Summer Rain. I wish I had money left to buy another one, but ROSE and a bunch of kit buys has taken all my buying power and I haven’t sold anything in six or eight weeks so no income…only outgo.

Thank you for the heads up! She’s so beautiful. Sadly I can’t purchase her right now
I wish I could!
I have been wanting her

I’m trying to place an order, but I don’t see anywhere to put the code. Do you know where the code goes? N I’m trying to get the Ebook for 99 cent, but it’s coming up regular price.

I believe the Ebooks are just BOGO.
I haven’t ordered yet but went through the process and it showed the discount automatically.

Edited: just saw the fine print. Ebook for 99cents with $20 purchase. So IDK :slight_smile:

She’s sold out now. I should have placed my order earlier instead of taking ng a shower. :unamused:


You could get an Ebook for 99 cents, when you spent 20.00. I was gonna order summer rain. When I went back to site, she was sold out. I just wanted the 1 Ebook. I have 2 of hers already. So I just paid the price for the one book. Thanks.

So if you bought an e-book at regular price, you should get one free for the bogo sale and then one for 99 cents for spending $20

Oh why did I look…my heart did a flip in excitement over twin B… I have resisted this one for sooooo long but at 1/2 price |I could not resist! click click and it on it way to me! UGH I said no more kits until I get some sold! Need that 12 step doll kits anonymous!

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The Ebook I brought was on sale. I don’t know if you could combine 2 different specials or sales.

Oh, i thought it was buy one get one free on all e-books and then it said spend $20 and get an e-book for. 99. Didn’t say couldn’t get the 99 cent e-book if you are buying e-books. It was just a thought when I seen your post and the sale ad!