I forgot so much

Well i am ready to start reborning again!!! But i just realized how much i forgot. Washes, which way to hold the hair when rooting, which needle to use ( somehow all my needles were put in my sewing machine case which was left in az ) difference between the mediums. So now i now a beginner again. LOL

Dont worry sweety it will all come back to ya and you know where to get help if you need it !

Don’t worry - it’ll all come back to you. It’s just like riding a bike - only you don’t have to worry about breaking anything if you fall off!!

Yep it will all come right back to you!! We’re here if you need us dont forget!!

I am chuckling as I read your post… I haven’t had a long break between babies and I have to refer to tutorials for each step… so don’t feel bad… I am right there with you…

Pia your lucky. I had my computer repared and all my files were destroyed. 2 yrs of reborning GONE! And what pisses me off is i never did a back-up! I am now though.