I feel so down

Well my Sydney didnt sell on Ebay. Guess my starting price of $199 was too high. I want to relist her any suggestions at how i should relist her at? I know ebay is slow so i would rather she not have sold than deal with a non-payer.Oh no another doll added to my collection. But my husband is my support, he told me she’s so beautiful and not to let her go too cheap. Relift her and the right person will come along. Now to ask him for some money so i can get a new kit. Maybe a end of summer sale?

Yeah i know, but i will say i do see much more beautiful dolls on ebay that dont sell and i cant figure out why when just a few weeks ago that one doll sold for $11,000. No i wont give up i was just having a bad day. Bescides Sydney not selling my mother chip in my laptop went out so i had to send my computer to Sony. Good thing it was still under warrenty cause when i get it back it will be like a brand new computer like it was when my husband bought it for me. Down fall, i lose everything . Double down fall i never had a back up. Crap i lose all my pictures and all my downloads relaiting to reborning. Double crap my 3 downloads on hair rooting. Ok now im going to cry. Oh no my husbands business cards i made for him. Ok im stoping now.

I think they would be able to recover what you had saved. I know my brother was able to save some of my sister’s things when her hard drive went. So, there may be hope. If it’s a chip, I don’t think that has anything to do with where things are stored, which is your hard drive. As far as Sydney, I have my baby listed three times before she sold. Actually, I think I had three babies like that. Holiday months are not too far away. Hang in there. I am also sure that if you get your computer back and need some resources that there are plenty of us here to help you re-establish your cache.

I have her ebay auction in the rteborn Showcase. Please tell e what i did wrong. I am goinh to cur down thw description alot.

You could try listing as a boy or girl, buyer can choose which outfit to go home with. Also, try a buy it now price or best offer auction. I believe you have 2 days to respond to offers. You would have to take extra pics dressed as both, because some people may see the doll in a different way than you do. If you don’t like the offers you don’t have to accept it, if it doesn’t sell at all, you would just have to relist. E-bay is a bit of a pain, in the you know what right now. The last doll i sold was listed 4 times before he had a new home. Its very aggravating i know, but thats part of reborning. All the time and energy we use up is crazy, but for some reason we keep going. I think thats what they call ADDICTION. Don’t be down on yourself, i’m sure it will all work out, DEE

I just looked at your auction, i see only one pic. Maybe you need to add more, so buyers see what there bidding on, they like to see different posses. I also don’t see any description on her, Is she Sydney by Jorja Piggot? If so that’s the one i had to list 4 times before it sold as a boy. If you want to see my pics of him let me know. I also mentioned in my last reply to list as a boy or girl, giving the bidders an option, then they get to choose the clothing the baby goes home with. DEE

Sorry bout that but i posted my auction here wrong. I posted it in the shipping description. Unde her picture hit the word description and the correct auction will pull up.