I feel like I sold my first baby

So I made a Reborn months ago for a fund raiser for the Louisiana State police. Today was the day. I’m so excited she sold at 360$. At one point people were fighting to get their name on the silent auction sheet. The lady that bought her has two other Reborns. She knew how to care for her. She was excited I was very excited. I was scared they would not have any interest in her and might get 100$ (I would have been heart broken if that had happened). The funnyist thing was the men going up to her and very gently rubbing her head. It was so cute because they treated her like a real baby. I had to tell someone thanks for being there. So this. Is what it feels like to sell a doll. Real good even if I didn’t make money.


How nice of you, yep that counts as a sale!


You should post a picture of the sweet baby

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Aww so cute scrunching her face like the light is disturbing

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Congrats that was so kind of you to donate her for the auction. I am sure they were very happy with the money she raised.


Aw, congratulations! :slight_smile: Yes, agree that this absolutely counts as a sale. What a wonderful feeling and validation as an artist, and also to know that you contributed to a great cause.

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Well done you! I intend to donate my reborn I am working on now (my 2nd reborn) to a senior with dementia. In honour of my grandmother. It will feel like a sale I think. I had thought of donating her to the Relay For lIfe team (cancer research) but I don’t think reborns are very well understood here. I’d feel as you would have, had it sold for less than it cost to make (not even considering your time added in.) If I donate- I know the value, and it matter not if others do.