I dressed my girls for Easter!

I dressed my personal collection up for Easter! I had so much fun with my nieces, picking out outfits and dressing them!

Roxanne- Martha Grace Kit painted by me

Helena Bee- Tink Kit combo painted by Alicia’s reborn nursery and myself

Pearl- OOAK doll painted and sculpted by myself

Remi- Remy prototype painted by Sheila Rand

Genna- Emily by Magdalena Binczewska

I hope you guys had an amazing day! :heart:


I adore Helena Bees dress!

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I bet you had fun putting them in their Easter best!

Thanks! I believe I got it from the preemie store

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So cute! I especially love Remi.

I can’t wait until she comes off preorder so I can see everyone’s version of her. It’s been an oddly long wait, she’s been on preorder since last summer


Beautiful babies and outfits!

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I like your little Pearl. I’m going to try sculpting one of these days.

She’s not as realistic as I would like, definitely has that ‘dolly’ look about her; but I find her very endearing and I don’t think I could ever part with her