I DID IT!!!!!!!!!

Good for you Karen.

I am on Etsy, too. It’s a fun place, very reasonable and have sold a few items. I am going to go back and favorite you and get you going.

That’s great. My daughters are trying to get an Etsy shop up and running. As sisters they don’t agree on very much and spend more time ‘deciding’ than moving forward. IF they ever make their shop a reality I plan on putting some of my babies on just as another avenue for sales. It certainly can’t hurt to have more visibility. Best of Luck with your sale. He is absolutely adorable and someone will see the perfect Christmas present…ChaChing!!!

Thats great Karen! Hope your listing sells. Wounder if they too have non payers. Etsy is a set price right? I mean you list the price you really want to sell the doll for? Crap i cant talk today. I’m already having one of those bad reborning days. Coffee break!!!

Great job Karen!

I auction looks good!!! Congratulations!!!