I did it again!

Ok, so when i finally decided to get Rosebud on sale, SHE’S gone. Ya think i would have learned from the last time. But by the way the sales have been going she’ll be back. I hope. Anyways i went to Hobby Lobby today cause they had Master’s Touch brushes at 50% off. But i wound up spending $62.00. I even found the small magnets.

— Begin quote from “piperinbirdland”

I bought a rosebud on sale … but they have no body for her booo … So I haven’t even touched her yet. I opened her nose, and stuck her back in the bag and pouted as I wanted a body to go with her … With school starting back up here shortly she would have only taken me about a week to finish, but since I have no body I don’t want to touch her. I can’t have that sweet face “staring” even tho shes a sleeping baby at me … saying hey I have no body no fair! LOL …

— End quote

I can make you a body for her… Fully-jointed doe suede in her size is $12 plus $2.50 shipping. Let me know if you want me to make one for you.