I could scream!

I have 1 local customer… on her 3rd doll shes nice but this isnt a collection to her its her real babies although she knows they are dolls still i think the line blurs for her at times .
Anyway ive had to work on a few things on her dolls which i did as good faith and maybe i did do sonething wrong like hai r breaking added a lot in case some came out move magnet higher
.Anyway now she is forever asking me what she can use on their vinyl to clean them or putting perfume spray s in their diaper idk how often shes washing them off but because i know she may come back to me. im very leery of making any recommendstions or ok anything plus have told her they arent made to be handled daily like a store doll…Doesnt listen
The second time i warned her about brushing can break hair …it wont regrow like a persons she still comes back saying their hair broke or his head bends forward when i pick him up
.i finally told her it broke off she need to not brush it and told her broken i would not add more told her could not put more root holes in head .
…So i tell her water and very gentle soap if you have to. for a spot of dirt not to wipe the dolls that much
.She has asked me about a number of baby products she wants to use or is using on her dolls.
Idk how often she is using them but i have told her like a broken record i wouldn’t use them you dont know what they will do to the paint or vinyl I refuse to ok any of it as im afraid next thing will be the paint came off… fix it! or vinyl is sticky .
But No matter how many times i explain she just lets it go in one ear out the other.
i told her today to call BB and ask if this or that product is ok
She handles these doll all day long every day doesnt work so no break for the dolls as far as wear
Anyway I get business from her but i know she likes me to make them because im local and she can have me look at any tiny thing and maybe fix it
…Anyway guess im just letting off steam as im so frustrated i almost want to cry.

After i long windedly (as usual with me) explain today how its vinyl i dont k now what might harm it she tells me she uses it on herself as she allergic to other adult products like that makes a difference with vinyl !!
i want to scream THIS IS NOT REAL SKIN!! Just not sinking in at all…
Ok rant over ill put the tissue away it helped


Awe you are probably the only person she can talk to about her babies. Maybe you should do like my MIL she just says Oh, Um hum, I understand, lol!


You sound a lot like me. lol My big heart gets me in trouble all the time! I had a woman contact me about a doll I had listed online, then she asked if I had any anatomically correct boy dolls, I had a Berenguer La Newborn at the time. She then asked a billion questions and asked for pics from every angle, then the next day she wants pics of him in the two outfits I had promised to send him home with, and then with the two pacifiers, and then wrapped in his blanket and then with the bib and milk bottle etc etc… (Again another one with reality lines a bit blurred, I think…) Her payday was two days away so I promised to hold him for her. Over these two days, she had chosen a name for him, I learned her whole life story, sent tons of pictures and asked her repeatedly if she was sure she wanted him “as is” as she had originally said, because I had intended on giving him some weight, paint, magnet and hair? She assured me she wanted him fresh out of the box. (I really needed the money at this point, so I was nicer to her than a fat kid wanting cake!) Finally her payday comes and goes…she contacts me two days later saying that her and her husband discussed it and they want him fully decked out, weight, paint, hair, magnet and all! I was devastated…I explained to her that that would take time and if she wasn’t prepared to pay a deposit on him I’d have to put other paid projects before him. She agreed, didn’t hear from her for a few days, then she starts in asking for more photos…I’ll be honest, I just couldn’t deal with sending one more pic of this baby doll to her! I had to just put her on radio silence for my own sanity. I hate doing that to people, but sometimes silence can speak the louder than words. I know that your situation is different than mine in that she is a repeat customer. But sometimes you have to ask yourself if you can put a monetary amount on your sanity? …

(Now if I could only start taking my own advice! lol)


I have been done similarly! One lady contacted me through FB at MIDNIGHT. I seen she was interested in ordering. I got out of the bed answered questions sent pictures until 1:30 a.m… the next morning she wanted me to send her Mom (she is an adult btw) a picture, she was paying half. Then that evening when I send an invoice she wants 2. So I order another. I messaged her and let her know when they be would be ready and she was so excited. Then the day before they were to deliver she booked a trip to Disney and couldnt pay? I had been able to make local sales without deposits until that date!


Oh wow !! a big shot of whiskey would be in order to calm down on those! or a few valium lol
No this gal does talk to me a lot about her dolls is obsessed shes nice but she takes her 2 dolls Even to the ER when her husband had to go in.
Then said a nurse gave her doll cpr and then said i think he ( the doll) was upset .anyway she always has her dolls e very place she goes.
.Shes a nice person just has nothing else i guess to be interested in but them and her animals.


Lol…i seen that post on fb about warning others not to bring the dolls to the er…that when she was there with hubby the nurse told her to go into a room with her and started cpr…lol

I’d tell her to only wipe it down with a damp cloth. If she doesn’t listen to your warnings, it’s her own fault it got ruined. You shouldn’t fix things like that. She knew better and still went with it.

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I didnt know she put it on facebook.
Thats my point in emphasizing just water if you HAVE TO. Then i can point the text out and say i told you i wouldnt do that when she wants it repainted .

wow…she sounds a wee bit unstable…you’re in a bit of a bind there…some people really do believe these dolls are human I guess.

She knows its not but as i said i think the lines blur for her a little. Shes a sweet person and smart too .just has a thing about her dolls.

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