I could just cry

Are there any distributors in your area that could sell you dolls with less expense? I think you live overseas. I’ve pretty much decided that if I want to sell them, I’d have to go to genesis since that is what most people want. Just not sure I can physically do it.

I doubt they would break if the doll is dropped since the nose would prevent the actual eye from hitting on anything. They would break if someone sat on the doll maybe but we hope our babies are cared for more than that! I’ve never tried the glass eyes due to the extra expense even for myself. Too scared I would break them with my klutziness!

I am sorry for all that has gone wrong!

What a bummer! So sorry about your glass eye breaking. That seems odd for a Lausha eye to break so easily. I buy the flat backed ones and I put them in the dolls eye through the front when the head is still very warm. Never had a bad incident yet but I always pray when I do dangerous reborning feats.