I changed his body

Turns out I prefer full legs on my dolls. SO much more realistic. How is everyone doing on this beautiful Christmas Eve?


Love those chunky legs! And he looks so real!

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Thank you! I was so nervous but I am glad I did it. with the 3/4th legs they just were way too long and made him look out of proportion.

Did you use the same 3/4 legs on a full leg body? I wanted to try that but I did not know if it would look right. Yours looks so cute.

You know… I am not sure whose limbs these belong to so I really cant tell… The thigh is pretty long which in return made it that much longer with the body. here is a picture of the legs before the change. I took this picture awhile back when I first got this doll.

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I think he looks much better the way you have changed him. He is so cute.

I don’t ever use those bodies anymore…they really do make the legs look way too long. I’m glad you changed the body :smiley:

He’s so cute💕