I baked baby for couple of hours!

You know how I keep stressing that people should not rely on timer and thermostat on the halogen ovens? And I do myself keep checking conscientiously. Well, since I bought the new one, few weeks ago, it has been working perfectly, the temperature is always whenever I check spot on, and it always turned itself off, up till now. Couple of days ago I painted all day, and when I finished painting I baked all the painted parts, while I was doing other things. I checked them all, but when I put in the last lot, I was cooking dinner and then we ate, and I totally forgot about it. About 2.5 hours later I for some reason walked down the back corridor - I still do not know why I went there- when I realised it is somewhat hotter there than normally. So I ran to the laundry and sure enough; the oven was still on!!! Fortunately it was at the right temperature, and the baby (cheap Chinese play-doll) was quite OK, well, little bit shiny…
If the thermostat did not work correctly and the laundry caught fire, and we were sitting right on the other side of the house, we would never realise the house was on fire until it was too late.
After that little fail, the oven is turning itself off again every time; but no way I will ever take a chance with it again.

Thank goodness you found it and were able to avoid a catastrophe…my sister uses the halogen oven, but I still prefer my convection oven. And I consider myself fortunate for not having had any problems with burning or overheating. I’ll be using that oven for as long as I have it I guess. Again, thank goodness you were able to catch it before it was too late.

Same thing happened to me last night! Ive been working on my josephine kit for weeks now. Had to strip her twice bc she was turning out too dark. Well last night I finally started getting her to the skin tone I wanted and put her in my halogen set the timer and went into the livingroom to play a board gane with my kids. About an hour or so later I went in the kitchen and smelled something, I immediately ran over to my oven and it was still on! My babys head was all sunk in and really browned! Im so upset! Thats never happened before. The timer was on the off position, but the fan was running as well as the heating element. I lifted up the handle and it shut off but the first few times I turned the timer on, when I turned it to off, it wouldnt shut off. Then all of a sudden it started working again. Ill never (or at least try not to) leave the room again whike baking. Thats what I loved about the halogen bc im always doing other things at the same time and this was great that I didnt have to stand right there waiting for the timer.

Im glad your kit was ok and not ruined or a LE like mine was!

Ok, I am just getting used to baking after years of air dry and still using my kitchen oven…I know, bad me,especially since usually my family does the baking for me from about 15 feet away. Doesn’t sitting there watching the little oven expose you to too many fumes? Less exposure to fumes is a reason that I am thinking of getting a little oven. Hubby isn’t too concerned about baking food after me since I don’t bake often right now but am getting ready to make more dolls hence the plan to buy a little oven. Probably going for a halogen after seeing the size of portable ovens, just wish I could find one at a store to see before I buy. And I figure the family is going to want to steal it for cooking, leaving me with my stove oven so still fumes…which is why I haven’t pushed to switch…

So note to self is to handcuff myself to the oven while baking with loud timer set next to ear out of reach of hands which are glued to lid for emergency lifting with fire extinguisher between legs and pin to fire extinguisher between lips with teeth clamped on handle to depress it if needed. Think I have it all in order now!

Glad your baby and you survived, ludmila and sorry for your loss, shandeni. My oven decided to overheat when it was turned off a few weeks ago so now I’m worried about it in case the sensor messes up again. Tripped the breaker finally which reset the chip. So debating on getting two ovens and not using the big one if it happens again.

Oh no Shannon, Poor Josephine. That baby just wasn’t meant to be. I’m so sorry!!

Hooray Ludmila, I’m so glad that you walked to that side of the house (for whatever reason) and found the oven…phew.

I have over baked in my halogen oven before. I wasn’t as fortunate as you were, all my parts melted. I was so sad. I glad that the kit wasn’t that expensive and it was just the limbs. I ordered a new set of limbs and started over.

I do have a little kitchen “egg” timer that I set for 10 minutes, and keep next to me while I am painting, and when it goes off I go and put in the next load, or at last check the oven stopped. I also do peep in now and then making sure the temperature is right.
Most of these ovens look exactly the same, with different “brand name” on it. I imagine whoever makes them in China will “customise” them for different companies.
I still like my halogen; I like the fact that you can see clearly what is going on and that the temperature is constant.
If you use your kitchen oven make sure you clean it well before baking. The warning was issued in the time when kits the vinyl had phthalates and posible lead, now they have other stuff that we do not know how safe it is.

I know cindy, thats what I said too after it happened…just wasnt meant to b. But im so sad cuz she was finally turning out ok and not as bad as before. She has a brown nose as well as a caved in head. I fixed her head but nothing has worked for the nose. :frowning: oh well. On to my next victim! Cindy, Thanks anyways for all your help with trying to correct her coloring. I really wanted her to work out cuz shes so cute, she was going to b a keeper baby but now shes an expensive tester/experiment baby!

Maybe you need to have an alarm that you carry with you. Then it can go off and you will hear it no matter
what you get involved with. Unless it’s a lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, or maybe even a dish washer. =)

I have forgotten a reborn kit in the oven before and I know how upsetting it can be. I actually baked a Shawna Clymer fairy kit at 350 until I started to smell something bad. It was early in the morning and I just out of bad habit, hit the wrong baking degrees. I pulled the kit out and it was smoking. Miraculously, the kit was not damaged and I was able to complete her. She turned out just fine.

The lesson learned is that it I not really so much the time you bake, but the temperature that will make your baby shiny. Not that heating the vinyl for 2 hours is good idea, so definitely, setting an alarm timer is a good idea. :slight_smile:

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