I am upset

I ordered Asher Awake from MacPherson Arts & Crafts Thursday of last week. They said on Friday they would ship the order Monday. Today I got a note saying they were out of Asher Awake and would I like to replace with a different kit… Which I don’t.
They said if someone doesn’t pay for theirs then I am on “the list” but I am upset still. Why didn’t they tell me when they emailed me last Friday they were out?
My daughter (7) and I were looking at her baby pictures and gonna make a doll of her (more or less). We were “working together” on the idea.

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Did you try to call MacPherson’s and ask them? They are usually very helpful with things like this. :slight_smile:

I paid for a kit and they emailed me later and said it was sold. It makes me mad too! I am sorry you didn’t get your baby.

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I’ve never ordered from them before but either way id be extremely dissapointed!

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We were in email communication. I don’t see what the can do (other then refund) if they don’t have what I ordered

You never know…It’s better to ask than to never know

I have Asher asleep that I am willing to sell if you want it.

Thanks, but it’s the awake version I want. My favorite asleep baby is summer rain.

Anyway, I ordered one (Asher Awake) from eBay for 70 dollars (includes free shipping). If I got him new for 60 plus 8 shipping it would be almost 70 anyway… Course McPherson’s was 50 but I can’t change that.

If they end up able to get me one I’ll make two (one for me, one to sell) but if not I get my one to make with my daughter anyway.
(She is seven, but she is helping me pick out the eyes and hair color and things like that- it’s supposed d to be her as a baby. She had simmilar eyes and nose but much chubbier cheeks- and I adore the realborns. I have gotten (expensive!) Kits with blocky fingers or weird ears… Realborns are my favorite kits! Not just from the details, but also because I can trust nothing will look weird when I view them from the angle not shown in the stock photos… And the head and hands will be in proprotion etc)