I am thinking ahead to another project

I want to make a zombie baby with an open skull fracture. I want to make some brain. I want to make soft brain not hard like the sculpy would be. Any suggestions? I want some thing which will not turn sour or get moldy or anything such as this. I was thinking some thick rope of some kind or something similar. Brain looks a lot like small version of intestions it is not twisty like rope, if that is clear as mud. I am open to suggestions.

What about one of those massage/exercise balls for your hands? I don’t know if it would be big enough or if you could get a neutral color that you could paint. Shading would add depth but you wouldn’t have creases. These are expensive ones but might give you a better idea of what I’m talking about. http://www.amazon.com/Egg-Squeeze-Ball- … ssage+ballMore reasonable but smaller http://www.amazon.com/OPTP-Super-Pinky- … ssage+ball

We have been watching The Walking Dead and my husband thinks I should try and make a zombie baby. So I will be watching to see what you come up with. You are very creative.

When my girls were young they used Model Magic for all sorts of class projects and modeling fun.
http://www.joann.com/crayola-model-magi … /prd29125/http://www.crayola.com/products/model-m … e-product/
It’s light and fluffy and is really easy to work with. It stays a bit soft and ‘Pushable’ but holds it shape perfectly.
I believe Target and Joann’s sell it by the color in individual packs. We usually bought the big multi color pack so school
projects never caught me by surprise.

It also paints up really easy with acrylic paint. You would have to wait until the baby was done going in the oven but I think
you could be very creative with it.

Thank you ladies for all the suggestions. I am so looking forward to this project. This summer I hope to be able to start. Maybe we can all do a zombie baby together.