I am thinking about making triplets UPDATED PROGRESS PIC

Screenshot 2022-09-16 6.27.22 PM

Since Laura and Max were sculpted from siblings and Quinlyn looks very much like them I am thinking of birthing all 3 as triplets. I would still sell them separately but I think it would be fun to present them as a set. Also, I have purchased 2 of each of these kits and I gotta do something with them all! LMBO!


Great idea! They will be cute together.


Yes! They will be so sweet together!

How FUN!!!

I think it’s a great idea! :two_hearts:

I just got them all out. The only thing is Quinlyn is a smaller build and her head is much smaller than the other 2. She is listed as an 18" baby kit and head circ 12.8". Laura is the biggest baby listed at 20.5" and head circ 13.7. Max is 20" with a head circ of 14". I am still going to attempt it though as triplets usually all are varying in size.


Yes for sure the varying size is realistic. I think this is going to be cute

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That should work really well. Can’t wait to see!

Yes, fraternal triplets can be different sizes, for sure. Go for it!

After spending the whole day painting here we are so far with the triplets. I am still working on color balance and have not started creases yet. The sheen is coming from new formula Genesis Glaze gel I used.


Super fast and looking great!

Great start. What do you use the glaze gel for?

Glaze gives a more translucent mix and I was using it for the blushing. You can also use it in the place of Genesis thinning medium and since it is all hard to come by now days this was the only thing I could find to purchase. The new formula does work well as a thinning medium but leaves a lot of sheen though. Would be great for lips and eyelids.

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So I got the skin tones finished and got them matted with new formula Genesis matte varnish. That was a lot of work but someone gave me a tip that makes it easier to spread. I will do my nail tips later I always do those at the end for some reason. I will give them painted hair next. All 3 are painted from the same color pallet but each one came out a little differently.


I’d love to hear that tip!

Babies are looking great, and gosh, you are FAST!!! :heart_eyes:

I am not so fast. I worked sun up to well into the night Sat on these and then again today most the day as I was not in church. Shelley Marie gave me a great tip to try. She said to purchase the Sculpy clear liquid clay softener and use a few drops in with the varnish and my thinner. I put the softener in with my varnish first and smushed it with my brush and as it became more fluid like I then added my thinner. I use Ecohouse extra mild Citrus thinner in the place odorless thinner due to my allergies. Today I matted 3 kits with this mix. I found that if I stipple the mix onto the vinyl instead of brushing it (which leaves streaks) and then pounce over it with a wedge I can get a fairly even application.

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Good to know, thanks, I’ll try anything to get a good lasting varnish.

And oh yes, you get a lot done, Angie! I paint at a sloth’s pace so seeing your progress is amazing to me :grinning:

LOL I just had a wild hair this weekend I guess. Their overall coloring is more rich than these cell phone pics depict but I will get better photos once they are done. I have been experimenting with different color pallets outside my norm and it has been a challenge to me. Not sure if I totally like this warmer look I have been doing but it is something different for me.


I LOVE the skin tones! Excited to see them when you’re done!