I am testing air dry products again!



HI Angie, reading all your paint info and have a question about liquitex ultra matt gel. I have been having severe issues with pencil/hair. I have several different brands of pencils and a few varnishes&primers. last night after reading your blog about testing paints i decided to pounce the ultra matt gel onto a head and try pencil again. I did it full strength ( gotta be careful cause it goes on white that way). Held my breath and proceeded with pencil and it worked! My question,do you think it’s flexible? I pounced it to death, so it’s very thin. doing a squeeze test today- looks okay. I could possibly dilute or try the matt fluid that was also recommended by the company in your post. I’ve tried the liquitex varnish and it didn’t work. The gel seems to have enough tooth to grab. Wondering if you or others have any thoughts on this? Thanks!


According to what they said, the Liquitex UMG should be fine as long as you apply it thinly and allow it to cure properly. I would wait at least 24 hours after applying it before penciling over it. It needs to have some cure time so that it does not get lifted/scratched off by the pencils. Like the company said, the Liquid Matte Medium is better suited for using as a ground base because it is thinner and easier to apply thinly. It is not as matte as the UMG though.

I’m off to hobby lobby! Yes, i had to pounce like crazy to get it thin. I’ll pick some up and give it a try.Thanks!