I am soooo peeved!

Ok, guess what I did? I got in a hurry to finish my EASTON and got that big noggin rooted, sealed and stuffed. Sealed the neck and about the time the glue got dry and I was getting ready to put the head on it dawned on me-----I forgot the magnet for the hair bow!!! This makes me soooo mad I just wanna spit!!! I could either choose to just put a headband on or unstuff it and put in the magnet-----what would you do? I’m leaning one way but just wondered what you all think? Help please.


I’d just add a head band, unless the magnet was requested :smile:


Well. Personally, I would be so peeved at myself I would take a break and work on another baby. I’m not sure in your case what I would do. I would suggest putting a headband on and then putting a hair bow on and seeing which one looks better. Personally, I would just stick with the headband.

If it was me I would leave it out,if there is enough hair it does not need a magnet to have a bow.

. Not the best pic but all I have just showing her head lol

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I’d use a headband.


Another vote for a headband here x

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Well-lll-llllll If you are like me, it will drive you nuts knowing that you didn’t do it…and you will probably put the headband on but before it is over with, the head will come off and in goes the magnet…hahahahahaha!
If you can withstand the urge though…Just go with the headband… :smile:


Well ladies you all have made up my mind for me. Thank You. I was leaning to unstuffing and inserting a magnet but now I guess it will be ok for me to use a headband. I have got to make me a “finishing” list so I won’t go around leaving half the stuff out next time!!! lololol I’m “old” what can I say???


I would just use the headband or baby barrettes. I never put a magnet in the head unless it is a baldie.


I sign, date and number the bottom of the neck flange for some reason on all my reborns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve zip tied the head onto the body and realized I forgot to do that. I always take the head back off and sign it, but that’s much less harrowing than having to completely unpack the head and insert the magnet. I think you’re making the right decision, and you could always go back and do it later if it bothers you too much…as long as it’s a keeper!

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Go for the magnet…it is what you wanted…in the end you will feel better knowing it is like you had planned…!!..:slight_smile:

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Lynn… That’s what happened with Nina… Got him all together and an eye went wonkey!!! I glad to redo lashes too! Lol grrrrrrr!

I know you are right, but I have decided to go with the headband this time AND I am definitely making that “finishing” list!!! Maybe that way I won’t forget it next time.


Headband for sure !! I did something like that one time except my head had to come off. I forgot the glass beads. Just not the same without those.

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LOL! I had the same thing happen last month only on a full body doll that I had spent almost an hour trying to assemble. It drove me crazy till I took the doll apart and put a magnet in. Most times I would try to ignore it but that never works!

I need a finishing check list too, this last baby I forgot to root eyelashes!

Here’s my finishing checklist:



I could make a checklist but then I would either lose it or put it on the computer and forget what it was under or forget to look at it…You get the picture! I make lists all the time and rarely do I have them when I need them. Even downloaded a special program on my phone and then forget I have a list or can’t figure out how to modify it.

So here is the start of my list

  1. spend hours looking for the perfect kit at at least three websites while asking random people from family to strangers whether that kit is cute…or the right size…or if you could do it justice
  2. Purchase a kit only to obsess over tracking it, checking a minimum of five times to see if it has shipped, while simultaneously second guessing your choice by visiting websites again and asking opinions again till family threatens to take away your computer privileges

Insert at least 50 more steps (usually closer to several thousand…like stick finger, suck on finger, repeat) and finish with

  1. Dress baby in some random outfit, stick a bow on some place on its head and quickly take photos
  2. Wrap doll tightly in blanket and stuff into dark box
  3. Hide box in room somewhere
  4. See step one

I would go for the headband too :slight_smile: You should never have the process planned out beforehand; I always do what ever feels right at the particular moment. But forgetting a vital step can be a problem. I have on several occasions ripped up nicely packed and sealed box, just about ready to go to the PO with it, when I had an awful thought that I forgot to gloss, did not include the paci, put a wrong baby in the box …

For years I have been putting in magnets and considered the process to be quick and safe, with no possibility of anything to go wrong. Well, I was wrong! Recently I finished a baby, sealed the neck very well with E6000 (there was a small tear on the inside edge of the neck flange, so I used extra amount of the glue, and let it cure for a week) and while I was taking photos for some reason the magnet flipped. I took some shots with the paci, some without, then as I was about to put the baby in her box, I tried to give her the paci, but she just spat it out!!! I did think of leaving it and making new paci; but what if it would flip back? Or move elsewhere?


Oh Ludmilla, this cracks me up! So many times, if I am packing more than one baby at a time, I obsess about them. “Did I put the right paperwork with the right baby? Did I address the box to the wrong person? Did I stuff that dolls head before I put it on?” The list goes on. I’ve learned to trust myself despite my worries and just send the darned box. Otherwise i would be opening and repacking every box I send out for one reason or another.

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