I am so frustrated!

I have worked all afternoon assembling my BB cuddle body and stitching it in key places to make it more cuddly. I just now finished it only to discover that this body is too big for the Scout head. I do have a smaller body but gee I am tired!!


Oh no :(. That looks so cuddly too. Even if I just assemble the cuddle body without sewing I feel
like I went wrestling :joy:

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Exactly! I wrestled with it all afternoon! Then added the stitches. Then realized one leg is a bit fatter than the other so undid the other one to add more stuffing. I dunno if I will ever reborn a cuddle head this big so I may end up just selling this body as a completed ready to go body. It looks good in a sleeper. This is a 0-3mos. I dunno why but I bought 4 of the NB sized ones and then this one. I am not so sure I am all about these cudddle babies. Seems like a lot of work for less baby. I have another silicone cuddle head to paint though.


For snuggles, cuddle babies are my favorite. They just kind of melt into you like a real baby.

I don’t like making the cuddle babies either! Too
Much work. And they tend to not sell as well for me.

I’m starting with mini heads for practice. :joy:

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