I am not new but new back to reborning .. I just ruined my Isaac head with my nuwave oven Beware!

I just feel like crying , I had my Isaac all finished and even rooted. . and thought he needed a wash to warm him up some and i forgot to put the extender ring back on my nuwave oven and it totally ruined his head.
half his skull is sunk in and looks almost like tire tracks…

So ladies be extra careful not to do the same dumb thing i did.


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Oh no! I 'm sorry that happened!

Thanks me too … I wanted to share so no one else does it.

How sickening. :tired_face:

I’m sorry that happened. I feel like crying for you. Hard work down the drain, especially the rooting!! :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Aww I hate to hear this - it happened to me with Sleeping Kimberly - thankfully she was bald so I was able to buy a wig and cover it - but I was just sick. I still had to sell her as a boo boo baby because it sunk in at the top and you could feel it if you ran your hand across the top of her head.

Thanks ladies !! Yes I spent about 30 40 hours rooting. :cry: I cant even sell it as a boo boo lol … unless someone wants to make a spooky baby out of it lol.


Oh man. This is awful. Poor you!!!

@crystal_s Take some pictures, and I will see if I can come up with a spoopy baby idea for him.

Oh no!! That’s horrible!!

ok here is a picture of what my poor baby looks like now. for those who wanted to see.

I tried boiling water but did not help a bit .Poor thing is a goner lol.


Oh no! I’m sorry this happened.

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If you want to make that an alternative baby to save it, I would add some bruising on and around the dent, as well as to the cheeks, put a cut along the nose and pant the ‘treds’ with some dark brown ‘dirt’ then call him a lil’ zombie. That would just be my fix, but it gives you something to do with the head.

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Thanks for trying to help but i just don’t have the heart to fool with the head anymore.
If you want to try it you can have the head just pay the shipping cost from 44109. I am going to hang on to the limbs and get another head.


Message me privately a paypal address, and how much it would cost to ship to 38125, at the lowest cost shipping option. Do you want me to keep you up to date on what happens with him, or would you prefer not see him again? Know that he will be loved either way, and your hard work has not gone to waste!

I will send you a pm.

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Aww Crystal :sob: I’m so sorry!!! :hugging:

I am so sorry. What caused the line pattern?

I had heads collapse on me a couple times and was able to fix them by stuffing tightly with paper towels to reform as much as I could, then baking again and cooling.
Maybe it could work for you, but the line pattern may be harder to remove, it depends. If you go this route, keep the paper in for all bakes after.

Unfortunately, I just had a head get damaged too. It fell over in the oven during baking in spite of stuffing and when I got to the oven, it was done baking. The irony was it might have been fine,but because it had rolled to one side I rolled it gently to the other to cool because I was afraid it was going to get flat on one side. Well, I had it on an old fashioned white flannel diaper… It rolled onto the edge stitching. It now has a pattern on one cheek, but I doubt I can fix it so it doesn’t t show. Expensive kit, too…

Oh, I’m so sorry. He was beautiful!

Thank you … his hair was really pretty too … had that lots of hair poof on the top.

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