I am not happy

Sometime ago I fell in love with Sinead Donnelly
, and although she is rather expensive for 14" baby I bought her with the view giving her to my granddaughter for her name day in June. To start with I was rather disappointed with the kit; I just could not believe that kit will look like the prototype… But last week I started to paint her, and she looks little bit better with some paint on her. Although she not anywhere near finished, I decided to try her eyes and thought maybe I might be able to feel bit more enthusiastic about her. Well, those glass eyes the seller (who is also the sculptor) sold me do not fit! They just disappeared inside the sockets, but that is not mistake, that is the size she lists in her listing. She is in Ireland, so not much hope getting replacement in time. I tried some 18 round I had and they fit perfectly, but those I have in 18 are all not very nice, so I just had to order another pair.

She is adorable. I noticed that Dulcie Broady did one of the prototypes for the kit. I wish she would start reborning again. I don’t think she has painted a baby in 18 months or so.

What an adorable sculpt. No wonder you fell in love with it. You will have to post a picture when you are done. Too bad about the dilemma with the eyes. Hope it doesn’t set you back too far.

Here she is, but OMG I cannot believe how camera distorts reality. Her eyebrows in reality look so faint I can hardly see them, and so is her blotching and shading! I heard some people saying they take photos as the go to get some idea what the baby will look like in photos. I normally use my studio lights, but took this photo outside:

and one from profile:

The right eyes is the 16mm oval glass the seller/sculptor recommends, the right one is 18mm 1/2 round from my stash. I am not happy that I spent $17 on the eyes, which I would not have bought otherwise, although I do have one Skeeter who still needs eyes, they would not be this colour if I was buying them for her.

The 16mm eyes are definitely too small! Baby is looking good though!

— Begin quote from “pia”

The 16mm eyes are definitely too small! Baby is looking good though!

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thanks Pia, I think my granddaughter will love her, but I do not know what is it about these photos; she does not have any of the dirty looking blotches on her. Maybe it is the vinyl? I started rooting her and I have awful problem with the hair staing in. I am using Delta Dawn mohair that I used for another doll, and it was easy to root. This vinyl does not grab when it is too hot or not warm enough. I thought such a little head will be rooted in no time, especially since I want her rooted quite thickly - 2-3 hair in each hole.

I finished her on Friday to give to my graqanddaughter yesterday. have to say, for such a tiny head it took me for ever to root her. Her name is now Million, she is a playdoll, so I did only very faint details, and have not given her eyelashes as yet; here she is:

Ludmilla, she’s super cute! I wish I had a mother or grandmother who would make me reborns (although I guess chances are one day I will become the grandmother who makes her granddaughter reborns!) Just so you know, I am up for adoption LOL!

In Europe people celebrate their birthday and their name day = the day of their saint. Every day of the year had its saint and you celebrated on the day of your saint namesake. As both my and my daughter’s husband’s family come from Europe, we decided to go on with the tradition, although I did not for my daughter, but my granddaughter was born on 26th December, so her birthday is somewhat over shadowed by Christmas, so we decided not to have another party for her birthday at that time of the year; in any case it is not convenient for many people, as they go away for the holidays, and also that is the time of our major school holidays, many of her friends go away for several weeks. Instead we decided to have a party and celebration in June.

She is adorable. I like the idea of “naming day”. In my church, we used to be required to use a saints name or a name from the bible for children, but it is not required anymore.

Love the blue eyes and red hair combination. I bet your granddaughter will love her - detailed or not!

She’s beautiful! Love the hair! Your granddaughter will love her!