I am nervous and excited! Isabella photo shoot

I have just receive my Isabella from Nikky Johnston. She is so adorable !
I hope to had her finish in time to send my pictures for the contest !
I surely wont win, but just to participate is fun and stress full !


Have fun and good luck! I have a Robin kit by Nikki to paint someday.

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There she is ! She does’nt win, but I am really proud of her !



She’s Beautiful!!

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Beautiful !! She should win - great job !

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I guess mine didn’t win either but I sold her already so that’s good. I want to keep her but had the chance to sell her so I did. She a pretty baby.


Really cute !
It’s the version of LaDonna Briggs who win. She was beautiful !
But I am happy that I have participate. It was a fun experience.

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