I am giving up

I am giving up trying to root. I JUST CAN’T DO IT. Half the time the hair doesn’t get into the head and when it does (although I am plunging it as far as I can) there is only a fine fuzz inside and is not enough to hold.

I just don’t know what I do wrong, but I have tried many mohairs, many needles and many doll heads. I really feel like a failure. If someone would root for me at a price I could afford I would gladly take them up on it.

I read tutorials about washing and conditioning the hair after rooting before gluing. If I did that all the hair would be in the basin.

I wish I had a reason why I can’t root - - - - like carpel tunnel or arthritis, but it’s not that - - - I just can’t do it.

thanks for letting me spout off.


I know just how you feel…and I have rooted lots of heads in the 2 years I have been reborning. All you can do is practise…and use a decent quality mohair that is soft and silky looking and looks like hair when you purchase it. You will get better, and it will be very rewarding for you in the end. I’m rooting a very big head right now, and I’m about ready to throw it across the room LOL,

I have been rooting for 8 years. It is still the one thing o hate. I have recently had so much trouble with hair not going in. I bought 42 gauge needles with 6 barbs. Finally is working. With that many barbs, though, you have to be careful to only take one hair. I also do not treat the hair in any way until I have glued it and it is well dried. As mentioned, it takes lots if practice.

I have had this happen to me & it is so frustrating. What I have learned to do is try different size needles until I find one that pushes the hair all the way through. I always start at the back of the head & check if it is going through. I’ll start with a 43g & if that doesn’t work I go to a 42g & then a 40g & so on. Also make sure you are holding your needle to where it is grabbing the hair. I have found that there are some mohair that breaks very easy which makes it very hard to root & I have learned to stay away from those products. I mostly use the Slumberland mohair & prefer it over most of the others that I have used.

Thank you, Rainbow -

I have a head here I am going to attempt with some different mohairs I have as well as some different size needles and see how it goes.

I thank you for taking the time to write.