I am distraught 😩

I ordered a bunch of stuff from macpherson on Monday, but their sale was today :persevere: I could have had 40$ worth of gift cards and a chance to when luv buggie if I would have waited, but nope. Just had to buy it then :woman_facepalming:And one of my replacement items isn’t even arriving till next week. I could have waited. And johannah just went on sale and I’ve been waiting on her forever and I’m short of dolly dollars. I’m having a woe is me moment​:weary:Carry On.


This just happened to me with Darren. Felt like I should wait but went ahead and ordered bc he had been out of stock for so long then the next day, he went on sale for half price!! :sob:


:woman_facepalming: oh no. That sucks too.

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I ordered stuff today before they sent out the email. I hope I’ll still get the $10

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I hope so too. Seems like they should bc the order was still placed today. Good Luck!


I hate it when that happens. I feel your pain.:cry:

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Thanks! And it’s such a bummer when stuff like that happens!

Was this sale or email exclusive. I don’t see it on the website.

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i got an email but I am sure it applies to anyone who orders.

I’m upset too. All these sales and I can’t buy a thing. My dolls won’t sell and I have no money at all to spend.

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I know-- I hate when this happens. I need to sell more babies so I can buy more babies. It’s an unending circle of madness lol


Yup. I’m getting tired of it though :confused: I don’t know what to do now lol

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I’m so frustrated too - I had an order of three kits + spare supplies arrive from them today, and I placed a preorder earlier this week for Mick and some of the new reborn rescue products. Should’ve waited, I could’ve had 5 gift cards!! Oh well!!


Yep, I was like wow, when I saw that email. I ordered Phhoenix Arcello from the artist the other day, bc at the time the deal she had was better than theirs :woman_facepalming:

Hey at least you have a cute kit to work on, even if you could’ve gotten a better deal if you waited. I don’t have any kits so I’m not going to be painting for a while until some dolls sell. If they don’t then I’m going to quit reborning and give them away since I don’t collect

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I heard it’s really slow right now. Mine usually take a while to sell. I have only did 3 customs so far and I don’t like the stress of them, so after these last 2 I probably won’t do anymore customs for awhile. Good luck on selling your babies.

Thanks. You too :slight_smile: I prefer customs, I find them less stressful and I don’t have dolls sitting around for months waiting to sell. I just have good customers, I guess. But there aren’t very many of them.

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I’ve had really good customers and they were happy with their babies, I think it’s more of me worrying about how it will come out in the end. lol

I don’t see it either

This is what I had in my email.