I am depressed

I am so depressed-----I just finished sealing my limbs on Avery asleep and I have been having trouble getting the color to stay. It looks great until you bake and then it just fades. Anyway, I finally got the skin tones really nice and got her sealed and baked—Now, paint has faded again. I am sooooo bummed. Can I add a little more color on top of my sealer without screwing up my doll? She was a very pale kit, can I maybe bake her at a lower temp than 265 since her sealer is baked already after adding more color? HELP!

Add more colour, and bake as normal. It’s fine!


Thanks Barb. I’m sure I knew that, its just that sometimes I lose my confidence and feel I need to ask and get some input from others, Probably have read that a million times but you know how is goes now and then. Thanks again.

Many ladies seal before they even start painting a kit. I did it on my second RealBorn because I felt like the vinyl on #1 that I did just keep eating the paint and not doing much to change the vinyl. So, I sealed my second one and it didn’t make a bit of difference. You can paint on top of the sealer and then if you want to you can seal again when you are happy.

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Thanks, I learn something from this forum everyday!