Hypothetical question

Since I apparently have nothing else to do today, I am wondering this:

If I sell something on Ebay but the buyer turns around and relists it, can they STILL file a complaint against me on Ebay for a refund???

Ebay is so irritating.

No idea has she tried?

I read your other post about the eBay baby sale… it seems that since you have offered her a refund and she declined that offer that she would not be able to file any kind of complaint… I would sure keep a copy of all of the correspondence…

That’s what I thought, too, Pia…yep, I’m keeping all messages to and from her. Just trying to stay a step ahead here.

Hmmm, I would think that the issue should be in your favor. And here’s another thought, you paid your ebay seller’s fee for this item and if this buyer resells it on ebay, she would be paying the same seller’s fee for the same item…Ebay makes out really good on your item, somehow they always do! Just my 2 cents of vent, LOL.