Huxley eye size

Why is the difference in Huxley’s eye size so much more noticeable on some reborns than others?

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I dunno but the whole kit was poor quality production.


All kits come with flaws . Machperson told me : “ we work with what we get “ this is disappointing? I mean this is the quality are you going provide from now on ?? However , they are all coming out cute . It should be mentioned that lots have flaws and price should be accordingly not at full price . Also they said I can go with my complain to Andrea Archello .

I used size 20 mm eyes , I didn’t try but size 22 mm may work as well .


I know they can have flaws. I just don’t understand how there are different eye sizes from kit to kit if the same mold is used.


Since 1500 or more was poured I am assuming they are coming from multiple moulds . Just my idea .

Maybe it was a flaw in one of the molds, then. The sculpt wouldn’t have changed would it? I don’t know anything about how many can be poured from the same sculpt.

I have no idea, I don’t have one and don’t plan to get one but have you also noticed the poor babies look like they have swollen eyelids like when someone has a stye in their eyelid? Makes me sad everytime I see one.

That is a shame, because it is such a beautiful baby.

Maybe people are using different size eyes. I’ve tried 20mm and 22mm in mine. They can handle both sizes. But 22mm would definitely make the eyes look bigger.

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I painted a Huxley from the original preorder and from the more recent batch. There seems to be more flaws in the vinyl of the second batch and the eye difference is more noticeable this time. I am not sure why- if it is the mold or how it was removed from the mold, but it does seem slightly different.

I have heard there is a difference in the vinyl too. One was a harder head… others soft…
Mine is supposed to arrive today


Yes- there is that too.

I don’t blame the place the kits are bought from for the flaws. They are just distributors. The flaws are the responsibility of the factory and that order would have been approved by Andrea Arcello. So yes, IMO she is the one who should acknowledge the issues. I remember when Bonnie Brown had a kit produced that the toes were not quite right (I think it was Meridith) she discounted the price to everyone and the kit sold for less than her usual pricing. While I love the Huxley kit and she makes a lovely baby, for the prices we pay it is still not a first quality kit.


What size are y’all liking more ? The 20’s, 22’s or one of each? :crazy_face:

The first one I painted the 20mm full rounds were perfect- this time I would be tempted to use a 22mm in one eye and 20 in the other if I had two pairs that were the same color. These are not set yet and I think they will work, but I went through quite a few pairs of eyes to be satisfied. Here is my second version that might be sold already. A lot of work due to the flaws, but she is still adorable.


She is adorable

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I LOVE that baby-version of Huxley!

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@RebornsbyZebra April has info that they are 2 different Huxleys with different vinyl. May be she’ll post here :wink:


I have two from Puppentramland and one from Macphersons…the ones from Puppen have the rock hard, typical German vinyl, heads and are more dark peach coloured…the one from Mac’s is soft and lighter in colour.

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