Humidifiers and reborns

So my bedroom has super dry air and I was considering getting a humidifier but I don’t know if it will hurt my reborns. Does anyone know? I also paint in there using rebornfx, so, also would it effect that?

I think as long as you have the humidifier in the middle of the room not directly blowing on any dolls or craft items, it is okay.

It’s worth considering moving the dolls into another room for display though. Over time, everything gets subjected to dust, humidity, etc. I cover my dolls with blankets to stop dust build up.


I am hoping to get a craft room soon. I don’t have any available rooms right now though. Thanks for the advice!! :slightly_smiling_face:

Should not be a problem if the humidity is kept as a reasonable level (about 40%-45% max) Paint can take a little bit longer to dry and cure.