Human hair yes or no

For some reason I feel really creeped out about using human hair. I think well where did it come from. I guess just the DNA aspect of it is why. Anyone else Identifier?


I like it

I have a doll with my real red hair. I let my hair grow and then cut and sale it.

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Yea I always imagine it has juju, you know energy based off who the person was. Maybe imaginary problems, but I can’t help it. :joy: when I buy certain things (jackets) from thrift I sage them. :slight_smile:


The thought skeeves me out a bit too but I’ve yet to be confronted with one of those huge noggins to be rooted either…

You could send a bundle of sage ready to light with the doll…just tie it with a big pink bow :gift:

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It doesn’t bother me too bad, as I am a hairdresser, but At least for extensions, I do know that a lot of that hair (at least wefts for extensions) is sold by women who live in third world countries. It’s kind of sad, but it is their source of income. I don’t think I would personally buy a doll with human hair because I don’t know if it was cleaned before using. It could be their kid’s hair for all I know :joy:

I have some that I bought from another doll artist when she cut her long hair short. It is such a pretty blond, very shiny and not too thick. A friend of mine also gave me some of her hair when she went form long to short, it is super fine.

That being said I can’t get myself to use it.

It doesn’t creep me out I just feel like it is precious and I don’t want to waste it, I want to use it on a really special baby.

I do not like the idea of wearing someone else’s hair, that does creep me out. I know hair wearing is popular and big business, my older daughter spends so much money getting extensions to make her hair look fuller but…I don’t know it feels too personal.


I agree completely! I have a bunch of my daughter’s hair from when she cut it short last summer, but the thought of using it for a doll to sell kind of creeps me out. I’d use it for a keeper, but I’m not a collector, and at 10 she is (sadly) losing interest in dolls. And it seems to personal and special to use on a doll for a stranger. I’ve also thought of buying human hair to use on toddlers or alternatives, but that kind of creeps me out too!


I’m rooting Gabriela with long blonde human hair right now. I’ve had to constantly convince my mind that it’s not gross. Why are we grossed out by human hair, but not by goat hair?! I don’t know. But I am. :tired_face:

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I don’t really have a problem with it. It’s not dirty or anything.
That being said, I’ve got a braid of my own hair from a few years ago. I’m still not sure if I’m ever going to root a doll with it. It would be fun to have a doll with my own hair, but I really hate rooting.

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Where do you get your human hair from?

I bought it from a forum member. But Dolls So Real sells human hair too.

Thank you so much. I have wanted to root my Grant kit with some but didn’t wNt to shop places like ebay and not know what I was getting.

Right now I just growing my hair for someone I know for medical reasons

I had some from my granddaughter but would never want it to go out to a stranger it would have to stay in the family.


I have 2 dolls (keepers) with my grandchildren’s hair. Have a more of grandsons hair and some from granddaughter but ear marked for a doll for their mommas.

Now that I would totally do.

My youngest son shaved bald last July, and hasn’t cut his hair since. I told him when he is ready to cut it, I want some of his hair to root a doll (or two). His hair is a gorgeous auburn colour!


Such a handsome young man and his hair is a beautiful color.

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THank you!