How would these look?

So I couldn’t find the other limbs for my Martha viola, but how would these look?

You need to put them next to the head and body, or even better attach them and the head, to the body (stuff just some poly fiber) so we can see the proportions.

I want to, the problem is I don’t have these limbs, I have to order them.

Martha Viola is a 20" baby so if these limbs are for a 20" baby they should be perfect. They are darling and it looks like full arms and legs on this kit. I looked up the head circumference on the 20" BB kits and they range from 12 3/4 - 14 1/2 inches so if your head it in that range, I think the limbs would be great. Precious Gift and Gabriel both have 14 1/2 inch heads - Sugar is 13 1/2. Are these Stoete Limbs?


They are Eliza Marx limbs, they are for a 18-19 in doll, I really like the look of them and the fact they are full length.

I think if your baby’s head is within the measurement for that size kit the limbs would be perfect

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Thank you Pia you are always very helpful.

If Martha’s head is larger they should work as they make a chubby looking baby. However, these limbs do have an orange undertone and I have no idea what Martha’s vinyl is like but if it is like other AD vinyls it will not have the orange undertone. You will have to work to make them match. In that regards, I would say the BB vinyls is closer.

This one appears to have Stoete limbs.

This one has Pratt limbs:

I was wondering about the colors. I love the limbs of the first doll I just don’t know the name of them.

I think the limbs used on both of he kits look great (Pratt limbs are my favorite BB limbs). The bodies look way to full and fat for both of them though. That is an awesome “bunny” ratttle that the first baby has!

so I really like these but they are for an 18 inc doll, would they still work?

They may be a bit skinny for the size of the face? They are lovely limbs though.

Sorry; I do not know why I thought that you already have those :blush:

I hate it when limbs do not look right. The 1st time I tried to match up limbs I ended with 1/2 dozen before I was happy with the proportions. Now, as I have some 30 kits stashed away, it is an easy task to look which limbs could be right size and then order them. Do you have any other kits that you could use as a guide? You could always ask for measurements, limbs length and length of feet and hands etc.then compare them with others you have.

So I don’t reborn dolls I want to eventually have someone reborn my Martha Viola(Lucie), I was looking for limbs ahead of time to save myself some money, but I think I will just wait until I find someone to reborn her for them to help me choose.


Matching vinyl colors even within BB kits can be a hassle. I’ve never gotten some of them to work without going a little darker which works out a little easier. Some people have no problem doing that though so don’t give up! It can be hard to know if the limbs and head match in size without being able to compare them next to each other. I’ve noticed that head size, even in the same length category, can vary a lot so it might work out. Just keep asking around and someone will have the answer!