How well do you stuff baby?

Ive been stuffing my babys well lately but picked up a keeper from last year that isnt stuffed so well i like how she feels more soft and everything more moveable .
How well do you stuff to sell and have you found the stuffing to hold or flatten somewhat with time?
Sorry i always have so many questions and aways second guessing myself

I like mine more soft but I haven’t been making them long enough to be sure if they’ll flatten with time. I’m following along to see what the more experienced ones think.


For me, I like them floppy. If a newborn baby can sit up then it’s stuffed too much, in my opinion.


I agree and think you should be able to bend and pose them easily.

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I like sleeping babies floppy and Awake babies a little more stuffing and older babies able to sit up - stuffed with the ability to sit on their own.


I use polyfil for the arm n leg joints. For the body, I use fluffy stuff. I think that’s what it’s called. It’s real soft. I don’t remember the title topic. It was discussed some time ago. A lot of us members use it. It’s cluster stuff it also comes in a bigger size. I got 3 big pillow bags in a box.


Yep cluster stuff is great stuff.

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Whats Fluffy Stuff made of does it say?

Also long time reborners do you think fiberfil crushes down with age.? im wondering if well filled will eventually be floppy My worry with making them floppy from day 1.

If the dolls don’t have weight on them, they shouldn’t crush down. I have started adding poly-pellets in a sock to my bodies instead of glass beads. I make mostly for myself and friends and family. However if I start selling again, I will probably use them there and just give the buyer the option of heavier weight. Snuggly dolls but the feel takes a little getting used to when the pellets shift.