How we treat each other as artists and clients

It does go too far

I once had a lady order 3 dolls from me. She loved them. We discussed a 4th
A few days later she told me she spent the money for the 4th

I told her I would be around when she saved up again.

She sent me an emailing claiming to be unhappy with the first doll. The one she approved and them ordered 2 more.

I refused a refund.

She called the police in my town and claimed I never sent her the doll. I had to go to the police station with proof of shipment and her reviews as proof.

She was trying to get the 4th doll for free

The police told me to cut contact and get a lawyer.

I did.

That was several years back.



I questioned the same


Haley actually said she just added more detailing which was mostly to limbs not that she repainted the entire doll. What I gathered is she was mostly unhappy with the lack of details on the limbs and “black” markings.


How did she match the head. If she didn’t paint it and just did the limbs?

Wow, I’m completely out of the loop here. What Facebook groups are you all on?


I skipped through her video at end. She was was describing things she did. I did hear her say she didn’t consider that she painted the doll only added to what she thought was lacking :woman_shrugging:

I don’t know about the Hailey Williams issue but I bought two customs from and they were very pale and had no detailing ( veining, mottling,) the eyelashes weren’t sealed and the two babies looked very little like their pics. When I talked to Shaylen about it ( I was very polite and respectful) she just ignored me and stopped answering my emails. This was two years ago so her work ethic may have changed.


The original post that created this thread was flagged and banned.

No where in that original post was I being disrespectful or violating guidelines. I am actually impressed with how civil this discussion has been, and insightful.

I consider myself to be a respectful contribution to this forum.


If I didn’t like a doll or was unhappy with it I would ask for my money back. I don’t think I would talk about someone for their work that I didn’t like. We are all artist and produce different work. To each his own style or work.


I agree. I think that if you receive a baby that was not what you were expecting and not what you were promised you go to the artists and have that discussion. A good artist will communicate and try to make it right.

There are people who are just not going to be pleased, there are people who have buyers remorse and will look for ways to recoup money they spent, there are buyers who simply want the the experience and after all the excitement is over want a refund and move on to the next baby. As artists is is hard to know what to do.

I think that is why we have to strive for honest photography, good descriptions, encourage questions and preserve that documentation.

Buyers need to understand this is art, this is not Target. They need to do research, they need to look at this artists current work and reviews, and be sure before they buy. You don’t play with it and take it to the return desk when you are done.

There is also a difference between style and quality.

All around honesty and integrity have to come from buyers and sellers.

In this case I think the communication broke down.

It should have been handled better by both parties.

I don’t think the first thing to do is to call out an artist in public but if you have tried communication and you feel like you were brushed off and taken advantage of then you need to say something. If more people do that you see a pattern then it is on the artists to make it right, to improve. This is why we have ratings and feedback systems.

As an artist I don’t think it is professional to shame your clients in public and claim to have a “legal department” to frighten them, I don’t think you hide behind the words like “My fans” it is arrogant.

It is up to you to figure out how to solve a problem and make it right with your client privately.

I think all of this was a learning opportunity for many of us who treat this hobby like a business. I know I learned a lot.


You hit the nail on the head here “There is also a difference between style and quality.”

Art is subjective. One may hate it, another may think it’s a Rembrandt. Seems like many are quick to label each others, or artists style/work.


The trick is to have style AND produce quality work. Everyone has their own style, but not everyone does quality work.


I want to know this too! I’m out of the loop too.

I don’t remember which one I was on but Haley posted to a public group and then Shaylen posted On her page. Quite a mess.

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I knew about Haley through Instagram and Shaylen through Facebook. Haley’s been posting in a whole bunch of sales groups, too, but that’s not where most of the drama is happening.

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Honestly, despite long admiring Maxwell’s prototypes, I’m inclined to believe Haley. Too many other collectors have stepped forward to point out the same issues - complete lack of detail to the limbs. That’s not style, that’s not an artistic choice, that’s poor quality.

Her “class” is supposed to be about her “paint by number” style, which to me is at least a little sleazy, implies that there isn’t much artistry in the dolls at all. I don’t think she can say both “I’m not an artist I just follow a formula” AND “that’s my artistic choice, as an artist.”

Maxwell’s photos look photoshopped, honestly. They’re too vibrant and never seem to quite match up with the photos people take after receiving their babies. I used to chalk that up to people photographing on their phones and Maxwell using a high quality camera, but I think I was just seeing what I wanted to believe.

There’s a lot of evidence against Maxwell, and she is acting awfully unprofessionally. It’s the artist’s job to remain professional. The very obviously fake legal letter she posted in a YouTube comment was the final nail in her coffin. No lawyer would use the term “trashing her in every FB group you can find,” and no lawyer would post a cease and desist on YouTube, it would be sent by certified mail.

If this were a less famous artist, nearly everyone would favour the buyer. Maxwell’s fame, not her honesty, is her defence.

And to whoever flagged the post - why? What’s the point of a forum if not to discuss?


I may agree with you on that one!

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“Maxwell’s photos look photoshopped, honestly. They’re too vibrant and never seem to quite match up with the photos people take after receiving their babies. I used to chalk that up to people photographing on their phones and Maxwell using a high quality camera, but I think I was just seeing what I wanted to believe.”

This! Is what I said on the fb thread started by Haley. Anyone can alter pictures to make them look better…or worse I guess, (depending on who you believe in situations like this especially).


Thank you.

I hope it all works out. I may have said too much on this subject. I started off information gathering and honestly I found it very interesting and was curious what other people thought about it. It’s a reborn “news” story.

If she doesn’t want people to discuss this anymore (in a negative way) than she might want to do the right thing.

In my opinion, and it is just my opinion. I think she should offer a public apology to this woman and tell her it was not her intention to sell and send her doll that didn’t meet her standards and if she would be willing she would be happy to give her a partial refund if they could both agree to pull down anything inflammatory against the other. (Haley could offer a public thank you to her for making it right.)

SM might want to tell her “fans” that she isn’t perfect and she is in demand and working really hard to get orders out and once in a while a doll leaves that might not be her A game and that from now on she is going to work really hard to make sure the doll that is promised is the doll people get. She might say something like “I am committed to the quality of my work, and honest photography I want my clients to be happy”.

This is going to be tough because her MC add does make it sound like “I can teach you how to do what I do” So maybe this can be addressed in her master class and she can let her students know that they need to work with integrity, do quality work, offer honest photography and create a client base built on trust.

She has a lot of “fans” from what I hear, I think it could strengthen that base, and it could create new clients who might be on the fence.

Again, just my opinion, I may be too idealistic.

It isn’t my place to tell her what to do, I think this is just what I might do if I were in her position. Admitting you didn’t handle something well and doing better always elevates my level of respect for someone, thats how we grow, right?

My hope is they come to a nice, fair, lets-shake-hands and be friends place.