How to weight cuddle body limbs?

Hi there everyone! I have a question about weighting cuddle baby bodies. Ok so I have seen there are videos of how to assemble cuddle bodies but what I am not sure about is if you put the glass beads/weighting into nylon stockings before placing in the limbs or do you just put the glass beads/weighting straight into the limbs? I’m using a bountiful baby cuddle body.

I plan on using nylons so everything is contained. After seeing all the cuddle babies at the show, I’m itching to make one. I used to do 1/4 limbs and I would stuff the shoulders/hips and then put pellet filled nylons in the arms and legs.

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I weight the head and body as usual. Then I make a fleece tube for the glass beads and poly pellets for the limbs. I make the tube so you can’t feel the beads but nylons work to contain them.