How to store dolls

If I were to start making dolls soon for the spring 2023 London Doll Show, how should I store them? Can I just wrap them up and store them in boxes?

I’d wrap each one in a soft white blanket and put it in a box. If you add clothing or accessories, put those in, too, along with birth certificate, COA and care instructions. Then just close the boxes and stack them up. Remember to write on the box who’s in there. It makes it much easier when it’s time to unpack, and you can give the box, with everything in it, to the customer. When the time comes, you’ll be ready to go but you probably should check the dolls before you leave.

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When doing for shows I wrap mine in a blanket and stack them in a big rubbermaid type box. I do not seal the lid but rather leave it cracked a bit so the dolls can “breath”. It think it is just better for them that way. Then when I travel to the show I snap the lids and off I go with my boxes.


I have a big Rubbermaid tote that I keep completed babies in. When I finish a baby I store them by putting a hair net over their head, a cloth diaper on their face and wrap them in a blanket. I can easily get them out when they sell or if have to take more photos, but their hair and eyelashes and everything is protected in storage.

How do you know where in the box the one you’re looking for is?

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Well it’s a huge tote, but I usually only have like 4-5 babies in there at a time max. I used to be really organized, I had white square stickers that I’d write the baby’s name on and stick it on the blanket. But I’m lazier now, if I can’t remember which blanket a specific one is in I just open the blankets a little bit and look until I find the right one :slight_smile:

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