How to put together?

I just received my order of 2 Athena’s by Ping Lau which I’m really excited about, but I have to admit I’m not sure how she is supposed to be assembled, anyone worked with this kit and could give me some advice?


You need a tool to put her together. Looks kind of like a long crochet hook. It’s not as scary as it looks. I think there are videos on YouTube.

I have the tool, and I’ve put together jointed dolls before but this one is a little odd. Like one arm hole is bigger than the other??


The short one is for attaching the neck. You have to take it apart. To do that, just lift the hook so it will go through the tube. The tube and the white concave piece will then come off. Put the washer inside the neck opening of the head with the hook sticking out. Put the white concave piece over the hook and up to the concave part of the neck opening in the head. Now put the hook through the neck of the body, put the tube back on, grab the hook and pull for all you’re worth to hook it over the edge of the tube like it is in your picture.
Those arm holes are definitely very different sizes. I have no idea how you’d put them together. None of my ball jointed arms were like that. Mine had flexible, white concave pieces that went inside the arm holes. That metal washer will more than likely split the vinyl trying to get it through that little opening. I think either one of the arms is the wrong one or these aren’t the right connectors for this doll.
I’d contact the company you bought the kit from and ask them to check a few to see if all of them have different size arm holes.

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Thank you. I figured the neck was like others I’ve done before but the arms really have me stumped. I’ve messaged the artist for advice since it seems so odd.

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I can’t find a proper link. But go here:
Scroll down and click the second to last video. That one shows assembly instructions for a similar doll.

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That doll isn’t ball jointed and gets put together differently.