How to price reborn baby dolls, going to my first doll show in April, do not know how to price,


I know this is long winded and more than what you were probably asking for but I thought I would throw it out there.

Pricing is the hardest thing of all. When you make something you feel like

A) giving it away to make someone happy
B) not selling it, or underselling it because part of you thinks “it isn’t good enough”
C)putting a high ticket on it because you worked so hard and you feel you did a great job
(and someone else is getting 500 for their baby why not you?)

In reality you have to decide why you are selling.

Are you trying to create extra money so you can maintain your hobby?
Are you trying to treat this like a business and profit?

It doesn’t seem like it would make a difference but it does. If this is just a hobby and you want to move on to the next baby but need to sell the last baby so you can buy more supplies then you price to do that, recoup what you spent.

If you are treating this like a business you need to profit, in order to do that you have to make sure you are

  1. Covering your supplies (kit, stocking, glass, hair, eyes, paint…)
  2. Covering expenses (Shipping materials, business cards, fees…)
  3. Paying yourself

In retail there is a 300% markup because they buy wholesale, and have to pay for employees, rent, insurance, taxes, advertising, POS equipment and fees…

For cottage industry I think this is how most people do it.

  1. Write down everything it cost to make that baby (everything)
  2. Your time. What will you pay yourself per hour, how long did it take?

Double that.

Most artists here can’t, the baby will cost too much.

Once you start working in volume, you can. You will find ways to save like buying things in bulk that you need. Hitting outlets during a big sale with a coupon and buying all your clothes at one time taking advantage of the discount. Buying the big box of Poly at Michaels with your coupon. Getting the larger sizes of paint in the colors you use most often. You will manage your time better, you will have a little more money and buying power to scoop up de-stashers kits.

People who are doing this as a hobby do this because they love it, one baby at a time, go shopping for that baby, hang out with the baby until they are ready to make another one, send this baby off with all its “stuff” be a little sad but get excited for the next kit you have been waiting two months for. For some people once they treat it like a business it becomes stressful and not fun anymore.

Some people love the challenge of the business component.

For beginners I think you just make the best babies you can. Figure out your costs and see what the market will bear. If the baby in the yellow dress was made by different artists, find three artists who have a similar style and skill level as you, average out that price. is a good place to do this because you can see what babies are selling at what price.

You will need to be very honest with yourself, consider some honest critique so you can see where you might want to improve.

If you have a hard time selling babies your price may not reflect your skill level or there are other improvements that need to be made.

If you are selling fast and can’t get keep up you may have room to start ramping up the price.

Unfortunately there is not one size fits all and there is a lot of trial and error.

At the end of the day you have to feel right with it, only you know the true value.


Thank you so much this was a great help. I love making reborn dolls all the one I have I made. Getting better with each one I am my worse critic. Retired and need to sell so I can make more. Want to make the person happy that buys. Get all my supplies from Bountiful Baby, Dolls So Real, Summberland and Hobby Lobby. Thank you again


What an awesome post!!


I add the cost of all supplies-kit, body, weighting beads & polyfil, hair, paint, eyes, clothes, accessories (shoes, hairbands, etc., blanket, shipping box (I get most of mine free at Safeway), shipping cost-including extra insurance and signature confirmation, and double it. I add a little for my time. The newborns I sell for $275-$350. When I do a show, I transport them in large baby shower bags from the Dollar Tree. I can get more in the car that way and it’s easier for customers to carry while they shop. Expect comments like ‘those are creepy’ and take them as compliments. Most people who think they’re creepy think that because they look so real.


That’s some great info!!


Nice breakdown of everything thank you!


Thanking every for replying. Great advice love this Doolittle’s club.

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Thank you Jean great tips, I did not know how i was going to carry my doll, the price idea is great also

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You describe me well for those who do it for a hobby. Lol.


6ad76ee437e29f061517cfd243e3df3ef864c404_1_666x500 going to my first doll show excited and never about price
Thank you for replying