How to pick right eye colour?

Is there a way of working out what eye colour to get to work with hair colour? The doll’s hair is auburn, almost identical to my own and as I have grey eyes, I thought blue would work with auburn hair. Big mistake. It doesn’t go at all, neither do the original darker blue ones I was replacing. Before I waste any more money, has anybody got any suggestions on what colours will work for a redheaded baby?

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When I think of a redhead, I think of green eyes.


Look at photos of children (not nessesarily babies) with the same hair color… Eventually you’ll see one and say, “ooh! Pretty! I like that!” Or “bleh! Doesn’t go!”

In real life, eye and hair color is a crap shoot—anything goes. I especially like contrast you get from say brown eyes with blond hair; green or blue eyes on a mixed race baby. And I love green eyes on any baby.

One of the prettiest color combos I ever saw in real life was a dark auborn (lots of red) with super dark brown eyes. I loved it. I was a kid and the color combo stuck with me because it was so striking

Brown or Green.

I’ve had a play around with these blue eyes and they still aren’t growing on me. As I don’t have different eyes to try out I got creative and drew some in various colours and shades on a sheet of paper, cut them out and inserted one after the other into the sockets to see which looked best. I need to try it again tomorrow in natural daylight, but so far the best match does seem to be brown.