How to mix GHS colors

I thought I would start this thread and hope others will add to it -maybe BB can make this a sticky (the number is how many parts of paint ,T = tad )
Red Oxide

gen red-3
burnt umber-1
gen yellow -1


gen red-T
gen yellow-T

Dark flesh
gen red-1
burnt umber-1
gen yellow-1

Cool blush mix
pyrolle red o2-5
ultra marine blue-1

mars black
burnt umber-6
ultra marine blue-5

burnt sienna
gen red-1
burnt umber-1
gen yellow

Quinacradone crimson
gen red-2
dioxazine purple-1

Dioxazine purple
ultra marine blue-2
gen red-1

Believe it or not, there are actually measuring spoons that have a “smidgen”, a “dash”, etc. I think some of the recipes for the mixes use these measurements. Other instructions that I have seen have said a brush full. I think the key would be that whatever you use as “1” would be consistent and used throughout the mix. You could use a popsicle stick and a dab on the end. Then if a mix asked said “4”, then you would add four of those dabs. I don’t know if this makes sense.

Kim is spot on -it is one part(of what ever size or mesurement) -I use a 1/4 flat filbert and moisten that in thinner and rub it around in the paint jar till it is filled with paint -that is one part(for me )

Ok here are a few more
Peachy blush
flesh o7 -1
warm blush-1
red 05 -1

olive wash(for Middle eastern babies)

raw sienna-1
ultra marine blue-T

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And one more …
Cadimium yellow deep
gen yellow-2
gen red -1