How to message on

Morning everyone,
How do you message on Do you just copy their email and email back?

I wish reborns did have a messaging service. It would be so much easier to have all the emails organized on that site instead of randomly mixed in to regular email. An app, with notifications letting you know when you get an order or message would be awesome. :slight_smile:


Yeah, kinda weird the other person’s message shows up but you have to email them! Thanks everyone!


I agree, @Katinafleming. Wish reborns had a messaging service. Maybe one day.

For now my setup works pretty good. I have a dedicated email just for this linked to my phone. And since my phone seems to pretty much be welded to my hand, I always get the message notifications. Lol

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That’s a good idea. I don’t want my phone automatically checking for email all the time though. I have 3 email accounts on my email app. Maybe there’s an app specifically for certain email carriers though. If I could set up a specific email address just for reborns, and set up just that one email address on an app, I could set it to notify me whenever I get a message. :thinking:


You can get a gmail and download the app… only messages to your gmail account will beep and show up there :grinning:


Thank you! I’m going to check that out. :slight_smile:

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If you have an email listed on Reborns, you should get the question in your email. Then you can just respond back to the email.

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This is what I do. Only my doll business related stuff notifies me on my phone.