How to make thin hair curly

I am rooting my AA Rowan and I am afraid that I have rooted her (nearly finished) too thin. The hair is frizzy and very curly. Right now its a bit long so Im going to cut it but I want it to curl. Can you use styling gel on mohair or should I use something else?

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I have. Just root more hair in the thin area to.


I take leave in conditioner diluted with water. Take the curls roll it around my fingers or pencils or something similar. Keep them curled tight until they dry and pull apart and fluff up.


Ill have to find some leave in conditioner…they start to curl when they are wet so I thought keeping them wet would work well…thanks so much for the tip :slight_smile:

@babymaw I think I will do that as well…will post her when I finish.

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Can’t wait to see!

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Can you do a curling iron on it? Curious it it came to mind

You CAN, the hair would be fine. (I would use low heat and a small curling iron) But then you risk touching the vinyl and melting the head. @jeepers
@RebornsbyZebra I did the same thing, rooted too thin. I did as @Babymaw said… I just brushed through the whole head tiny bit by bit and added more hair (as evenly as I could) to thicken it up.
I also mixed fabric softener and water to spray the hair down and it helped a lot with the frizzyness!
P.S. I am no pro, just sharing what worked for me.


Yeah, I always use fabric softener and water when Im rooting and when its wet down, even as long as it is now, it curls up really well. Im going to finish rooting this little spot I have left on the top of her head and then try to fill in more here and there.

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